Venturing out into the world

My posts are far and few between, but I kind of like it that way. We share what we like to share in terms of our adoption journey and the girls’ overall development, but try to do it in a way where we don’t feel like we’re giving too much of them away. You can fill in the blanks, I’m sure. Typical toddler stuff… two year olds who are now three-nagers as they’re so appropriately called. Ha. We’re asserting our power, drawing up boundaries, and becoming strong willed independent little ladies, which can be frustrating for all of us, but I do really love for them.

Austin and Stevie turned 3 nearly 3 months ago. I look back at my last post and the video of their progress over their first year and am amazed at how much more we’ve learned and developed. After what seemed like one of the hardest decisions we had to make, John and I enrolled the girls back into daycare in January. No matter what your opinion of the pandemic, it’s something that we really struggled with knowing one of our girls was in a high risk category. You hear stories of children under the age of 5 in the ICU for weeks. I can’t imagine the worry and stress those families go through. It just didn’t seem like a gamble we were willing to take, but we knew the way we were working from home that things had to change.

It ended up being the best decision. They have flourished in an environment that exceeds anything we could have offered them at home. They continue to be each other’s best friend, both refuse and pine after their cousin Cooper’s attention, and are big cousins to our new addition to the family, Ruby.

As the summer winds down and our beach trips and water play are becoming less frequent, I’m looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all of those special family holidays together.

We’re still living through a strange, strange time with the delta variant breathing down our necks. With new cases on the rise, John and I are crawling back into our hole, albeit vaccinated, just to be certain we’re limiting risk here. It may be a very conservative position, but it’s the right decision for us right now.

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