Nearly a year later

In my last post, Austin and Stevie were embarking on their newest challenge, day care, back in March. They had a solid 5 days over two weeks before COVID was declared a global pandemic and restrictions were rolled out in the U.S.

Since then, I’ve had many ups and downs revolving entirely around the end of my family leave in early May and navigating the elusive work/life balance when the world felt like it completely went to shit. Having to compartmentalize the stresses of no childcare options, keeping our family healthy, transitioning to entirely new clients/teams at work, the BLM movement, elections, etc. proved a little too challenging for me. 2020 became the behemoth year of keeping my mental health and relationships in check. I ended up taking the last 3 weeks off to give John some time to catch up with his own busy holiday season.

And while it’s all felt like we’ve been just keeping our heads above water, Austin and Stevie have flourished. I was so concerned that not having daycare would lead to developmental setbacks, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They are funny, smart, talkative little humans that are so close to being fully potty trained. Fingers crossed we nail it by the end of January!

I put this video together last night in anticipation of their one year adoption anniversary on 12/23. The video starts when John and I first began our adoption process and takes us through our trips to Korea to finally being home with the girls. It’s been incredible looking back and seeing how much they’ve grown and transformed into the little cutie cheeseburgers they are today. I can beat myself up that I could have declined that zoom meeting or should have been down for dinner a little earlier, but they are still so wonderful in spite of it.

I hope you enjoy the video… it definitely got me choked up by the end of it.


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