Choosing Adoption <3



Upon discussing how we wanted to start a family together, we *chose* adoption. I wouldn’t have met my wife/best friend & her loving family if it wasn’t for adoption & vice versa!


What makes this extra special, we’re bringing it full circle by adopting through the same agency & country (South Korea) that Katie & her twin sister were adopted through as babies, by their loving Italian-Irish-Croatian-Catholic family from Long Island, NY.


3 years ago we bought a home w/ Katie’s twin sister & her husband so that we can raise our kids together, under the same roof & in the same kitchen! Built in friends! Home is never empty! We can move to a lofty house in a nice town with a good school system, as there’s 4 people splitting a mortgage! Cooking meals together! Larger parties! Sparkly holidays! Most importantly, heaps of help & so much love, 24/7!


Living together for years & sharing a home, we haven’t had a problem — only solutions & smiles & a refrigerator loaded w/ LOTS OF CHEESE!


Considering cohabitation w/ friends & family (if personalities mesh well) is something to consider. How some people live so far from their family, is beyond me.


Life is short & precious. It’s worth any sacrifice & change to physically be by family, otherwise it may be the biggest regret missing out on memories.


Our year-long journey (& growing) has been real…


Blood work! 3 rounds of finger prints! Background checks! Home-studies by a psychologist sort of like the mean lady who checks on Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, except she was really nice & we didn’t have to put pie on our faces!


Treasure hunting is what this feels like! W/ the most important treasure at the end—family!


All humans should go through this process in order to be a parent. There are people out there having kids & not giving them the love & attention they deserve.


Right now we wait to be contacted from South Korea, where we’ll have to eventually take two trips. The 1st trip, to go to court over there. The 2nd trip, to bring our child (or children) home w/ us!



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