Homeland Security

Everything we worked for during the past year brought us to this hidden Homeland Security center, tucked in between a couple of buildings like a wedgie.

Your mom and I drove separately so that we could go to work from there, after finishing the task at hand..literally. We just have to give our last set of fingerprints and photos.

We showed up just before they opened and there were 68 people ahead of us. I was so happy to be there and to be one step closer to you, that I greeted everyone and announced a peppy “GOOD MORNING!”

OOPS! I realized they might think I work there. After all, I had a dress shirt on and was the only person speaking to the entire group.

Your mom didn’t hear my announcement I don’t think? Otherwise, she would have been mortified. We’re both excited, but she has more self control and less desire to shout to strangers.. unless someone cuts her off on the road 😉

The weather was perfect. It was -10 just the other day, and today it was a warm 60-something! This has to be a sign!


There was a half rainbow in the sky! This, too, must be a sign! We are half-way there, and you complete our rainbow.

Oh god.. I’ve turned into a sappy, mushy, loving parent overnight and we haven’t even met yet.

Oh god.. now I’m crying as I type this.

Oh god.. now I have a lump in my stomach.

How can I love someone so much, who I haven’t even met yet?

All of the sudden nothing else matters.

I want to teach you
  -to love
  -to accept others
  -to embrace the unknown
  -to be thoughtful
  -to be giving
  -to be kind
  -to perform magic
  -to surprise your mom
  -to read
  -to write
  -to be present
  -to be embarrassed by my dad-jokes
  -to sled snow hills and to play scrabble
  -to toast marshmallows to the perfect golden crisp.

Of course, we will have to say no to you, and you know, be a parent. Any hardships or arguments are not to benefit your parents. These are to help you be a better person and you will eventually understand that.

Waiting for our numbers to be called was like a slow motion movie scene. Your mom’s number was called first, because she is quick, organized, and focused. She completed her form first, while I trailed two numbers behind, making sure I had my good-luck pen.


An older, petite, polite, Korean lady called me into a private gray booth. She took my headshot, and with focus, took my fingerprints electronically. She sprayed my fingers with a clear, soupy, liquid which helped better capture the squiggly skin maze that makes up my unique finger prints.

Just like that, we completed yet another important milestone on our journey toward adopting you!

We love you and can’t wait to squeeze you and protect you and introduce you to all of the food this world has to offer! Hang in there!

Forever looking forward to
you, —dad


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