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The Journey Home

The two day we had the girls in Korea was a dream. They were these perfect little angels that played nice, ate well, were textbook sleepers (nap and solid bedtime). It was nothing short of a miracle after our case worker and foster mother had told us they were terrible sleepers. That being said, in…

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We took custody of the girls first thing Monday morning on December 23rd at ESWS, the Korean agency. As we were walking in, we ran into two families we’d met during our court visit the month prior. You’re never alone when you’re adopting, that’s for sure. The network of people having this shared experience is…

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Heading back to Seoul

Like magic, our custody and visa meeting date made it possible for not only my parents to join us on the last leg of our journey, but also my twin sister. I’d mentioned previously that my twin sister and I¬†were adopted almost 33 years ago. Back then, the process for my parents to adopt was…

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