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Is there such a thing?

I was playing with my nephew who I’ve grown accustomed to calling Bunny or Bun for short. I can’t wait for those embarrassed older years when I’m sure the nickname will lose its charm. Running wildly around the house with him with a case of the giggles is such a treat for me. He’s so…

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A surprising and very touching part of our adoption process has been the reference letters. It’s been difficult to feel fully the broad range of emotions because majority of the time, I feel like I’m barely keeping up with the administrative tasks. Right now, it only seems like we need 3 separate letters from people…

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Enlisting the team

Hi there! It’s been a relatively quiet few months on the adoption front.  I enlisted my mom as my key Sherpa, considering she’s been through this before.  Of course, I take most of my mom’s advice with a grain of salt since my parents went through this almost 31 years ago. Earlier in December, my…

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