The Journey Home

The two day we had the girls in Korea was a dream. They were these perfect little angels that played nice, ate well, were textbook sleepers (nap and solid bedtime). It was nothing short of a miracle after our case worker and foster mother had told us they were terrible sleepers. That being said, in retrospect, I think we were all in our stunned phase and on our best behaviors.

We bid the bottles and formula goodbye, leaving those supplies behind. We stuck with our initial plan of solid foods given the girls’ age. They ate phenomenally well in the hotel and nearly gave me whiplash one night, running over to Grammy to grab her side of fries.

When it was time to head back home, I prayed the night before our flight for a smooth and relatively quiet trip. The travel gods heard my prayers and the girls both took 3 separate naps, killing a few hours of the 13 hour flight. The flight attendants of Korean Air were an absolute dream. They could not have been more accommodating just checking in and bringing us a variety of snacks and drinks at our every beck and call.

We’ve been home for a little over a month now and we’re all nearly adjusted to our new little family life — the girls even had their first swimming lessons the other day! Their personalities were very suppressed when we first got home, but everyday they show us more and more of who they are. They’re my funny, spunky, happy little kids.

Adoption Family

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