Our Babymoon in Tokyo

By chance, my AA miles went tremendously further flying us into Japan than it did into South Korea. John has been dropping hints for years that he’s always wanted us to go to Japan. We took advantage of the quick trip as our babymoon to eat some delicious food, see some sights, and shake a bit of the jet leg before we continued on our way to our final destination.

Naturally, we weren’t able to go everywhere we wanted given the time crunch, but it was enough of a taste to know we’d love to go back.

My favorite part had to be running the 5K loop around the Imperial Palace. Jet lag hit us HARD the first morning and we were wide awake by 2 a.m. We took advantage of the extra time awake and got ourselves ready to run the Imperial Palace running route. It was pretty early and chilly, so we managed to have a fairly peaceful run without a ton of other runners.

My other favorite, which should be no surprise, was the food. We practically begged our hotel concierge a few weeks prior to our arrival to work some superhuman magic and get a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro. To no avail. Instead, we settled on Midori Sushi in Ginza, which seemed pretty popular with the locals. We arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon thinking we’d missed the lunch rush, but waited and hour and a half to grab seats at the sushi bar. The menu was entirely in Japanese so we did a lot of telepathic messaging and eye motioning (i.e. pointing at pictures or at food being served to other patrons at the sushi bar). It was all so incredible. I think I died a little inside knowing my favorite hometown sushi takeout place will never stand up to this kind of quality.

Being able to have this time together is so valuable to me. I had a ton of pent up anxiety heading to South Korea. John donned his trusty tourist cap and flipped on his food radar and was the best darn travel buddy who calmed some of my nerves before the realness of everything kicks in.


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